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Tratamiento online para la disfuncion sexual masculina.

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Notes Donor ID Race Ancestry Blood Type Hair Eyes Complexion Height Weight Bone Size Education/ Occupation Interests
Maternal Paternal
 CMV IgG Reactive 3032 Black Trinidad West Indian Trinidad West Indian A Pos Black Kinky Brown Dark 5'8" 180 Medium Bachelor of Arts & Computers Biochem Recruiter Bikes/Internet/Writing
CMV IgG Reactive 3038 Cauc. Ukrainian English A Neg Light Brown Wavy Brown Medium 5'10" 160 Medium Bachelor of Physical Education/Firefighter Reading/Traveling
CMV IgG Reactive 3040 Asian Chinese Chinese B Pos Black Straight Brown Medium 5'7" 140 Medium Bachelor of Science Toxicology Medicine Playing Guitar/Sports
CMV IgG Non-Reactive 3076 Asian East Indian Parsi East Indian Parsi O Pos Black Straight Brown Olive 5'10" 160 Small Medium Bachelor of Arts Electrical Engineer Music/Coin Collecting
CMV IgG Reactive 3116 Cauc. Mexican Spanish Mexican Spanish A Pos Dark Brown Wavy Black Olive 5'8" 175 Medium Bachelor of Arts Industrial Engineer Soccer/Computer/Politics
CMV IgG Non-Reactive 3120 Cauc. British Scottish Danish French Romanian Polish Jewish A Pos Light Brown Wavy Green Fair 5'7" 140 Medium Bachelor of Social Anthropology Stock Broker Eastern Medicine/Horse-back Riding
CMV IgG Non-Reactive 3136 Cauc. Latin American Meztizo Spanish O Pos Black Wavy Hazel Medium 5'4" 170 Small Medium Bachelor of Arts, Electrical Engineer Sports/Music/Reading
CMV IgG Non-Reactive 3139* Cauc. Dutch Dutch O Pos Brown Wavy Blue Grey Fair 6'2" 195 Medium Large Bachelor of Science Project Manager Arts/Photography/Pets
CMV IgG Reactive 3141 Cauc. Ukrainian Ukrainian AB Neg Brown Straight Green Medium 6'1" 218 Medium Large High School Team Leader Sports/Cooking/Reading
CMV IgG Non-Reactive 3147* Cauc. English Scottish French Polish German English O Pos Black Wavy Hazel Medium 5'10" 175 Small Medium Bachelor of Arts/Political Science/Wholesale Distributor Audio-Visual Sociology
CMV IgG Reactive 3150 Cauc Bulgarian Bulgarian B Pos Dk Brown Straight Green Medium Olive 5'8" 155 Small Medium Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Charity Worker Hiking/Soccer
CMV IgG Reactive 3157 Black Jamaican Jamaican O Pos Black Kinky Brown Dark 5'11" 170 Medium High School Trucking Running/Basketball
CMV IgG Reactive 3161 Cauc. Ukrainian Ukrainian AB Pos Brown Wavy Blue Grey Fair Medium 6'0" 172 Medium Large Bachelor of Commerce and Economics Banking Soccer/Movies