Donor Profile


This donor is very pleasant, friendly, kind and generous. He has light brown, wavy to curly hair. There is a history of baldness in his family. The donor's father is balding however the donor and his male siblings have average hair texture. He has green eyes, a fair complexion and a medium bone structure. He is 5'7" and 140 lbs. His Maternal Ethnic Ancestry is British/Scottish/Danish/Basque French and Paternal Ethnic Ancestry is Jewish/Romanian/Polish. He has fair teeth, exercises regularly, has good vision and does not require corrective lenses. He does have some freckles on his face and arms.

His current hobbies and interests include: alternative medicine, East Indian & Thai food and horseback riding. He has completed his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is employed as a Stock Broker. His future goals are to finish a Ph.D. in Psychology and/or Anthropology. He is interested in the fields of medical anthropology and life extension. His favorite subjects in school were natural sciences, social sciences, arts, communication, computers, medical anthropology, psychology, acupuncture and alternative medicine.

He best describes himself as easy-going, quiet, thoughtful, humorous, creative, friendly, enthusiastic, adventurous, kind, happy, intelligent and caring.

His mother completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and is employed as a Registered Nurse. His father completed his Bachelor's Degree as a Chartered Financial Analyst and is employed as a Stock Broker. He has one brother. His religion of preference is Jewish. He is married, does not have any children of his own, however he does have proven fertility in our program. There are no multiple births in the family.

This donor has above-average mechanical, athletic, musical, language and artistic abilities. He states he is very good at detailed handi-work, horseback rode for 15 years and competed at a high level, played the guitar, was in a choir when he was young, learned to write at age 4, studied drama and art in high school. His Goals/Ambitions/Plans and Feelings are to help people, marriage/family/kids, improve the environment, travel, financial security, initiate his own business/be his own boss and to be happy.

In three generations of his medical history, it is noted that the Donor's Paternal Grandfather died of a heart attack in his 50's (he had a very stressful occupation), Maternal Grandfather died of complications of surgery at age 75, the Donor is allergic to Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine and had acute swelling, his Maternal Grandmother has angina.

When asked what his motivation for becoming a donor, he stated that he is participating to assist anonymous infertile couples and individuals and genetic donation for procreation. This donor indicates that he is undecided whether would continue in our program without reimbursement, without anonymity, or to meeting DI recipients, however he feels it might be OK to meet with the offspring. Of course, present legal statutes and standards prohibit donor/recipient disclosure but he is very open to sharing non-identifying information for recipients and offspring.