Donor Profile


This donor is very pleasant, friendly, kind and generous. He has brown, thick, wavy to curly hair. There is no history of baldness in his family. He has blue-gray eyes, a fair complexion and a medium/large bone structure. He is 6'2" and 180 lbs. His Maternal and Paternal Ethnic Ancestry is Dutch. He has good teeth, exercises occasionally, has excellent vision with corrective lenses.

His current hobbies and interests include: strategy war-games, photography, painting, model building, squash, cooking/baking, aquarium-keeping, camping and martial arts. He has completed his Bachelor of Science, Honours Biology and Environmental Science. He minored in Philosophy. He is currently employed in Customer Service/Administration. His future goals are to develop his art skills further, and work independently. His favorite subjects in school were natural science, social science, arts and philosophy. He least enjoyed math, languages and physical geography (very dry!).

He describes himself as passive, easy-going, humorous, creative, friendly, adventurous, happy, intelligent, well-adjusted and egotistic.

His mother completed her Royal Conservatory of Music Certification and is employed as a Piano and Singing Teacher. His father completed his PhD and is employed as a Parasitologist. He has two brothers and one sister. His religion of preference is Roman Catholic which he was raised as and still practices. He is single. His paternal first cousin has fraternal twins. This donor has high mechanical, musical (instrumental), language (written and verbal) and artistic (drawing/painting) skills; above-average math, athletic, musical (vocal) skills. He is an "animal person" and gets along with animals well. His Goals/Ambitions/Plans and Feelings are to help people, marriage/family/kids, improve the environment, travel, financial security and to be happy.

In three generations of his medical history the Donor had an allergy to cows milk in childhood. Mother became asthmatic at age 57, Maternal Cousin has asthma, Paternal Grandfather died of a Stroke at age 72, Maternal Grandfather died of a stroke at age 70, Paternal Uncle died of a stroke at age 74, Paternal Uncle died of a heart attack at age 68 playing tennis, Paternal Grandmother developed diabetes at age 50 and died of complications at age 66 (1960's). Maternal Cousin Insulin Dependant Diabetic (from other side of family). Maternal Aunt slightly hyperthyroid, 1 Cousin hyperactive, Mother - hysterectomy at age 48 - fibroid's, developed osteoarthritis in her 40's. Maternal Grandmother - osteoarthritis - had hip replacement in her 60's. Brother and Mother have eczema on their hands. Maternal Grandfather - stomach ulcers at age 60.

When asked about his motivation for becoming a donor, he stated that he is participating to assist anonymous infertile individuals & couples and the financial reward. He is undecided whether he would continue in our program without reimbursement, but not without anonymity. He is undecided whether he would he like to meet DI recipients however he indicates that he would like to meet with offspring. Of course, present legal statutes and standards prohibit donor/recipient disclosure but he is very open to sharing non-identifying information for recipients and offspring.