Donor Profile


This donor is very pleasant, friendly, kind and generous. He has brown, straight hair. There is no history of baldness in his family. He has green eyes, a medium complexion and a medium/large bone structure. He is 6'1" and 218 lbs. His Maternal and Paternal Ethnic Ancestry is Ukrainian. He has good teeth, exercises regularly, has excellent vision and does not wear corrective lenses.

His current hobbies and interests include: sports, reading and cooking. He is very handy around the house. He has completed High School and is currently employed as a Butcher, Cook and Team Leader. He lists an additional skill as having excellent salesperson skills. His future goals are to become a Sports Therapist as he was unable to continue his education directly after finishing High School. His favorite subjects in school were natural science, social science, arts, communication, languages, computers, geography and sports. He least enjoyed math.

He describes himself as extrovert, passive, easy-going, moody, thoughtful, humorous, friendly, perfectionist, concerned, kind, intelligent and caring.

His mother completed her Bachelors of Social Studies and is employed as a Director of Operations. His father completed his Engineering Degree and was employed as a Cooling Systems Engineer. He has no siblings. His religion of preference is Protestant which he was raised as and still practices. He is single. There are no multiple births in his family.

This donor has high athletic, language (written and verbal), artistic (theatrical) skills. He is fluent in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and English. His Goals/Ambitions/Plans and Feelings are to have a good job, marriage/family/kids, improve the environment, decent wage level, become financially independent, financial security, god/religion, success and to be happy.

In three generations of his medical history his Paternal Grandmother died of a stroke at age 79, Paternal Grandfather died of a heart attack at age 67, Maternal Grandmother died of natural causes at age 92, Maternal Grandfather died of natural causes at age 84, Father died in a work related accident at age 37.

When asked what his motivation for becoming a donor, he stated that he is participating to assist anonymous infertile individuals and couples and for the financial reward. This donor indicates that he would not continue in our program without reimbursement nor without anonymity. He would like to meet DI recipients and with offspring. Of course, present legal statutes and standards prohibit donor/recipient disclosure but he is very open to sharing non-identifying information for recipients and offspring.