Donor Profile


This donor is very pleasant, friendly, kind and generous.  He has brown, wavy hair.  His father has average hair condition and there is no history of baldness in his family. He has blue-gray eyes, a fair complexion and a medium/large bone structure. He is 6'0" and 176 lbs.  His Maternal and Paternal Ethnic Ancestry is Ukrainian.  He has good teeth, exercises occasionally, has excellent vision and does not require corrective lenses. He does not have any distinguishing facial features.

His current hobbies and interests include: soccer and movies and volunteering jobs at church.  He has completed his Bachelor's Degree in Commerce/Accounting and is employed as an Accountant. In the future, he would like to become an Economist. His favorite subjects in school were social science, arts, communication and languages.  He least enjoyed natural sciences. He describes himself as easy-going, quiet, humorous, creative, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, adventurous, kind and intelligent.

His mother completed her Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and is employed as a Chemical Engineer. His father completed his Masters Degree in Design Engineering and is also employed as an Engineer. He has one brother.  He was raised in the Orthodox religion which he still practices.  He is married. This donor has a daughter and has proven fertility in our program. There are no multiple births in his family history. This donor has high Math skills and states he secured almost 100% in most examinations.  He has Above-Average Athletic skills, specifically he won soccer and hockey trophies almost every year and Above-Average Language Skills (written and verbal) - he speaks and writes Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English fluently.  His Goals/Ambitions/Plans and Feelings are: to help people, good job, marriage/family/kids, travel, become financially independent and to be happy.

In three generations of his medical history his Paternal Grandfather died at age 65 of old age; Paternal Grandmother died at age 88 of old age; Maternal Grandfather died at age 68 of natural causes; Maternal Grandmother died at age 72 of natural causes.

When asked about his motivation for becoming a donor, he stated that he is participating for genetic donation for procreation, to assist anonymous infertile individuals and couples and for the financial reward. He is not sure if he would continue in our program without reimbursement but feels he would participate without anonymity and feels it is OK to meet DI recipients and offspring. Of course, present legal statutes and standards prohibit donor/recipient disclosure but he is very open to sharing non-identifying information for recipients and offspring